• Gold Au $1899.70 $7.21
  • Silver Ag $23.69 $0.28
  • Platinum Pt $913.60 $3.89
  • Palladium Pd $2338.30 $2.75
  • Call 650-348-3000

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately we do not ship outside of the United States or to Minnesota.

How long does shipping take?

Generally shipping takes 3-5 days from date of departure. All packages ship registered and insured by the U.S. Postal Service.

Will I be charged for taxes?

In California any bullion sale under $1,500 will be charged sales tax. We do not sell to residents of Minnesota.

How does the company handle a lost shipment?

We ship everything via USPS Registered & Insured Mail. A signature is required for delivery. In the event a package is lost, you have no liability, and we will send a replacement at no cost to you.


What forms of payments do you accept?

We accept cash (in person), cashiers check, personal check, money order, PayPal, and wire transfer.

How long are funds held for?

All forms of payment except cash and wire transfer are held for 5 business days.

What is the company policy regarding payment? Do they require “good-funds?” If a personal check is OK, how long before the merchandise is shipped?

Camino: We accept all forms of payment, except credit cards and certain electronic transfers. We hold all payments, except wires, a minimum of 5 business days and then your order is put in the queue to be shipped.

Buying & Selling

Who am I dealing with on the phone? Is it a commission salesman? Who should I talk with if there’s a problem?

Camino: We are a family owned and operated business. We do not work on commission, and each of our traders own precious metals themselves. We understand that when purchasing precious metals you are protecting yourself against government spending. If there are any problems with your order, please contact Kyle Reed or Adriana Reed.

Does the company maintain an inventory, or are all shipments from a 3rd party?

Camino: We keep an extensive inventory on hand, and ship material directly to you from depositories across the United States.

What is the company’s buyback policy?

Maintaining a two-way market is the basis of our business. We are always interested in purchasing material back. It is the volume of business that allows us to keep our prices low. We purchase all bullion, collectible coins & currency, stamps, and many different kinds of memorabilia.

Questions about Us

Is the company concerned with “Privacy Issues”?

Your privacy is one of our main priorities, and we understand that privacy is your greatest protection. We want as little information from you as possible, and will never sell your contact information.

Are they on your “wavelength”?

Yes, since many in the office are libertarians and loyal readers of Murray N. Rothbard, Lew Rockwell and Gary North, we are well versed in the world of hard money and Austrian economics.

Are these fellows selling me bullion coins today at competitive prices only to get me in their file to pressure me over rare coins next time? Also, are they trading or selling my name to someone else?

We pride ourselves on our customers being primarily comprised of clients, and their families, who have been doing business with Camino for many years. Cold calls, selling customer lists and corporate business attitudes are nonexistent at Camino. We expect to be doing business with you 50 years from now.

Still have questions?

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